Champion Wallace

Ever Grande City

 Welcome, Caldar. I had no doubt you’d make it this far. Your friend, the professor, is waiting on the other side of those doors you see behind me.

- Good, I need to have a chat with him.

 I must remind you that only champions are allowed in the Hall of Fame, you must defeat me in order to pass.

- I’m well aware, we’re ready.

 Bring it on!

 Very well, let’s get this started before the press arrive. I’m at my best when my face isn’t being broadcast over national TV.

 Go Wailord!

- Go Son of—

image ZUUL!

- Thunderbolt!


Zuul fires lightning into wailord, it wails in pain as the electricity arcs across it’s massive body. Wailord responds by blowing freezing wind and hailstones that batter and chill Zuul.

- Thunderbolt!

Wallace takes out a full restore bottle from his jacket and Zuul shoots it out of his hand with a lightning bolt, the bottle shatters on the floor.

- Thunderbolt!


Wailord inhales in preparation for it’s next attack but Zuul’s quickdraw puts a stop to it, frying wailord with another lightning bolt.

image ZUUUUL!

 Whiscash go!

- Zuul return! Go Neo!


As Zuul returns to his pokeball, whiscash makes an effort to forget about at much as it can.

- Giga drain!


Neo places his hand on whiscash and drains the life directly from it while whiscash continues it’s efforts to forget what’s going on.

- Giga drain!


With his hand still on whiscash, Neo continues to drain life. Whiscash triggers an earthquake, an upheaval knocks Neo away and he lands on his back.

- Giga drain!

 Hyper beam!

Neo leaps up, rushes to whiscash, grabs it with both hands and drains the last of it’s life.

 Milotic, go!

- Giga drain!


Neo places a hand on milotic and starts draining life from it, milotic releases some toxic ooze from it’s scales which Neo absorbs by mistake. Neo is starting to look unwell.

- Giga drain!

 Ice beam!

Neo drains more life from milotic and milotic fires a blue-white ray directly at Neo’s face, frost spreads across most of his body. The toxic poison has started to turn Neo’s leaves an unhealthy grey colour. Milotic nibbles at a sitrus berry it had stashed away.

- Neo return! Go Beauty!

 Ice beam!

Milotic fires another blue-white ray, it glance off of Beauty’s scales leaving a little frost behind.

- I can’t help but notice your milotic is male.

 Yes he’s a boy, why?

 Secret weapon time!

- Beauty, attract!

 Oh dear… milotic, recover!

Beauty uses her feminine wiles to flirt with the other milotic who just sits there and regenerates it’s health.


- Surf!


Beauty and milotic summon a tidal wave each, the waves pass through each other and crash down on both pokemon.

 So much for the secret weapon…

- Surf!


Beauty and milotic exchange tidal waves once more.

- Surf!


Beauty summons another tidal wave. For some reason, maybe the light was hitting Beauty differently, but milotic just sits there looking at Beauty with a goofy look on it’s face when the wave comes crashing down onto it.

- Surf!


Another tidal wave from Beauty sweeps across the arena and milotic doesn’t even brace itself, it’s too busy having that goofy look on it’s face while staring at Beauty. The wave knocks milotic into the arena wall, dealing critical damage.

I can guess what’s coming next, I figure now would be a good time to switch tactics.

- Beauty return! Go Son Of Zuul!

Wallace breaks out another full restore bottle and uses it on milotic.

- Thunderbolt!


Zuul quickdraws a lightning bolt and fries milotic. Milotic summons a sweeping tidal wave, it crashes down onto Zuul and washes him away.

image ZUUUuuuuuu……

As the water subsides, Zuul has already faded to nothing.

- NO!

 What happened? Oh.. I see… His mom is going to be very pissed at you, if she weren’t already…

- …

- LoafLoaf!

- Double-edge!


Milotic summons another wave, LoafLoaf holds his ground and lets the wave sweep over him, struggling to stay upright. As the wave passes LoafLoaf leaps forwards at milotic with full force, striking it head first and hurting himself a little in the process.

 Go Ludicolo!

- LoafLoaf return! Go Nimbus!

 Double team!

As LoafLoaf enters his pokeball ludicolo begins to dart around making afterimages.

- Dragon dance!

 Double team!

Nimbus begins swaying back and forth building speed. Ludicolo keeps darting around making more afterimages of itself.

- Dragon dance!

 Double team!

Nimbus keeps building speed and starts to glow faintly while ludicolo creates still more afterimages.

- Dragon dance!


Nimbus builds more speed and glows slightly brighter. Ludicolo summons a tidal wave, Nimbus tries to fly above it but the wave just catches his feet and causes him to flip over and slam into the ground face first, dealing critical damage.

- Aerial ace!


Nimbus takes flight and swoops down at ludicolo at high speed, crushing it against the arena wall.

 Tentacruel, go!

- Aerial ace!

 Ice beam!

Nimbus rushes tentacruel from above, slamming into it and bouncing right off and back into the air. Tentacruel fires a frosty ray that strikes Nimbus and completely envelops him in ice. The block of ice falls back down and slides to the corner of the arena.

- Nonono!

- LoafLoaf, get him!

- Double edge!

 Sludge bomb!

Tentacruel spits a large glob of sludge at LoafLoaf, exploding on contact it covers him in goo. In an all out attack LoafLoaf charges at tentacruel and slams it up against the wall.

 Go Gyarados!

- Double-edge!


Gyarados triggers an earthquake. LoafLoaf stumbles as the ground shakes and cracks open, LoafLoaf tumbles down one of those cracks and doesn’t climb back out.

- LoafLoaf!!

 Oh boy…

Feeling a little dizzy I take a moment before I make my next move.

- Beauty, go!

- Attract!

 Dragon dance!

Beauty flirts with gyarados, who begins swaying around and building up speed.

- Ice beam!

 Dragon dance!

Gyarados stops dancing to admire Beauty as she fires a blue-white ray, striking gyarados and building some ice on it’s tail.

- Ice beam!

 Dragon dance!

Gyarados is still captivated by Beauty as she fires another ice beam at it, the ice builds a little more on gyarados’ body.

- Ice beam!

 Dragon dance!

Gyarados keeps staring at Beauty, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s in love or if it’s frozen. Beauty fires another ice beam and almost completely freezes gyarados.

- Ice beam!

Wallace takes another full restore from his jacket and sprays it on gyarados, completely removing the ice covering gyarados. Beauty fires yet another ice beam and starts building the ice on gyarados again.

- Ice beam!

 Hyper beam!

Beauty fires her blue-white ray, gyarados fires a massive bright beam that meets Beauty’s ice beam, completely displacing it, striking Beauty and engulfing her in a bright light.

My eyes eventually readjust after the flash but I can’t see Beauty anywhere. I’m starting to feel unwell, there’s a tightness in my chest.

- She’s gone! No!

- Neo, it’s up to you!

- Giga drain!

Gyarados is recovering from the effort it put into it’s last attack, Neo grabs gyarados with both hands and drains as much life he can, dealing critical damage but the toxic poison in him is still causing him harm.

- Giga drain!


Gyarados slams the floor and triggers an upheaval that knocks Neo into a pit where the floor had fallen away. The pit is so deep I can’t see the bottom, and I can’t see Neo either.

- Neo! I’m sorry!

 That can’t be good!

- Ow!

The pain gets worse, I drop to my knees clutching my chest.

 Caldar! Are you alright?! We can stop if you—

- No! I still have one more pokemon…

I barely climb back to my feet.

 You can’t! That thing is too fast!

- Colonel… I’m sorry… go!

- Slash!

 … Earthquake

The Colonel bounds forwards at blinding speed and slashes using all his might with his claws at gyarados, dealing critical damage. Gyarados lets out a little yelp and flops to the ground.

- We won?

 You win.

- But how?

 Look! Around the Colonel’s neck!

Around his neck is a long thread with a glinting claw attached to it.

 The quick claw!

- I’d completely forgotten I’d given it to him…

 You don’t look so well. I think I know what’s wrong, and I’m sorry because I think I’m partly to blame.

- What’s wrong with me? It hurts so much…

 I was studying with Steven about the bonds trainers have with their pokemon. We accidentally discovered that if that bond were to be severed abruptly it can cause pain for the trainer.

- Really…

 We’ve never seen it get dangerous, but… I’m sorry. It should ware off after a while. Follow me, champion. Your friend is waiting in the Hall of Fame.

Wallace opens the doors and I follow him inside.

Not long afterwards…

 Come on, dad! We’re almost there!

 Looks like we missed all the action.

 Oh darn, they must’ve already gone into the Hall of Fame. The door’s locked too…

 Let’s wait for him in the reception building.

 Oh, I’ll stay here a little while longer.

Professor Birch walks back to the main building. May waits until he’s out of sight and looks around to make sure nobody else is around. She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a silver orb and places it in her palm.

 HQ come in, come in HQ. This is agent 9.

A smokey shadow of a man appears above the orb. It appears to be speaking but it makes no sound. Regardless, May seems to understand what is being said.

 Reporting in, sir. I’ve tracked the target to the anomaly, request permission to—

May pauses when the shadow man vanishes.

 Sir! I’ve lost the connection, sir. Come in HQ, come in HQ!

 What’s that sound?

A low humming is coming from behind the doors to the Hall of Fame. May runs up to them and presses her ear to the door. There is a loud shriek, May flinches away from the door.

 I know that sound!

The shadow man reappears above the orb in May’s palm.

 Sir, I believe a local time distortion has just occurred! It’s quite possibly target zero, sir!

The shadow man speaks silently.

 Understood sir, has it been traced yet? Request permission to pursue.

The shadow man speaks once more without making a sound.

 Too dangerous? It took him there? Arceus help him…

 Request extraction, I’ve assumed the role of this girl for too long.