Mt. Pyre


Route 121

It sure is a gruelling path to Lilycove City, the trainers here are tougher than other’s I’ve battled so far. I take the opportunity to recruit but nothing eligible jumps out of the grass.

I do find a safari and decide to give it a try. Wandering around the grounds I eventually come across a heracross. Pokeball go!

image Heracross: It’s a big bug with a big horn…

- Welcome to the bench, Betty!

imageBetty ♀ Lv. 28

Lilycove City

I decide to stock up on medicines only to find May guarding the entrance to the department store.

image Hi again! Imma battle you again!

- Wha?

She doesn’t give me much choice so I just battle her again, it seems all she’s done since yesterday is catch a tropius. LoafLoaf bowls over the team with rollout.

image Still getting stronger, I see. Good. That’s good.

- Thanks?

May feeds a star shaped pill to her tropius. I’ve not seen one of them before but it sure made her tropius perk up.

image You should try the berry blenders in the contest hall. Pokeblocks are a good way to improve your pokemon’s health.

- Er..

image I’m going now! Tropius, fly!

May climbs onto her tropius and it carries her into the sky.

I figure it can’t hurt to try making pokeblocks so I go to the contest hall. Beauty may be in the PC right now but she doesn’t look very healthy. I find a group of people gathered around a giant blender.

They’re quite welcoming and they explain to me how pokeblocks are made. Beauty is a water type so I try to make blue pokeblocks, that makes sense, right?

After half an hour of mashing berries in a giant blender I walk away with a lot of pokeblocks, many of which are blue or blueish. I give them to Beauty and she eats them all with gusto. I quickly realise I accidentally added a rare candy to the pile of pokeblocks too.

I’ve never heard a fish burp before. Beauty’s scales begin to shine and she evolves!

imageBeauty ♀ Lv. 22

I notice a lot of people around town are talking about the aqua crew and the magma cult making trouble at Mt. Pyre. Instead of entering Beauty into a beauty contest I head off to beat up more goons at Mt. Pyre.

Mt. Pyre

I barely get into the tower when I’m attacked by a panicked shuppet. Pokeball go!

image Shuppet: Is it a pokemon? Is it a thin sheet of dark cloth?

- Welcome to the bench, Marion!

imageMarion ♀ Lv. 27

While looking in my backpack for a potion I notice a leaf stone tucked away at the bottom.

- When did I get this?

I let Neo out of his pokeball.

- Do you want this leaf stone, Neo?

Without a second thought he snatches the stone from my hand, shoves it into his mouth and swallows it.

- That’s not how— oh!

Neo evolves!

imageNeo ♂ Lv. 34

Outside a lot of mist is hanging in the air. There isn’t much sign of either the magma cult or the aqua crew as I climb the mountain. Nearing the summit I notice a few aqua grunts.

image Yarr, th’ Magmas got what they came for but they still run like cowards!

image D’you see th’ Cap’n’s eyes? He don’t look right!

- OK I’ve had enough of your crap! What could you possibly want from a graveyard?

image Avast! It be Caldar! Cap’n!… Cap’n?

 Muahahaha! Soon! Soon I shall be free!

I notice Archie is clutching a red orb, it’s arcing energy all around him.

- That doesn’t look right, Zuul! Grab the orb!

image ZUUL!

Zuul lunges at Archie but is repelled by the energy from the orb. Archie backhands Zuul, scorching him with the red energy and knocking him back.

image Zuuu…

 Come, minions! We leave now!

Archie runs off and his crew follow. Behind where Archie stood is a pedestal with an elderly couple cowering behind it.

- Are you OK?

image Yes, dear. We’re fine.

image No, no this is not good!

- What’s wrong?

image Not only did those Aquas get the red orb but the Magmas who attacked earlier got the blue orb too!

- What do those orbs do?

image They will awaken powerful ancient pokemon that will cause untold destruction to the world!

- How do I stop them?

image You must bring the orbs back to the shrine!

image One of the Magmas dropped this.

They hand over a small coin-shaped emblem with an M on one side and the other side has some writing…

"Totally not the key to the super secret Team Magma base in Mt. Chimney. Seriously, don’t bother, there’s nothing there."

- If the magma cult got a head start then I guess I know where I’m going next…


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